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Wedding Anniversaries                    599
Fifteen years after the wedding day comes the oppor­tunity of celebrating what is known as the "Crystal Wedding," invitations for which may be printed upon thin cards of translucent celluloid, that looks very like glass, without its brittleness. The Old English letter­ing in gilt shows well upon it.
If the anniversary occur in summer, it may be pleas­antly celebrated by an "afternoon tea" out of doors, if the "happy pair" be the fortunate possessors of a lawn and shade-trees. A few small tables in sheltered nooks and a large one to hold the base of supplies, chairs grouped in twos and threes, rugs on the grass, etc., are suggestive of pleasure,.at first sight.
A hammock or two with bright cushions add a sug­gestion of ease that is alluring.
In the centre of the large table a cut-glass dish holding a mass of red roses or scarlet geraniums, or carnations, would be effective, but better still a glass vase, bowl, or other receptacle filled with red blossoms might ornament each of the small tables.
Finger-bowls would hold the flowers in sufficient quan­tity.
As one is confined to glass dishes for everything at a crystal wedding, its lack of colour is better supplemented by crimson or scarlet flowers than by those of other shades.
It is the custom in Russia to serve tea in very thin glasses in preference to cups, and, as it is taken with lemon instead of with cream, it is much more dainty in appearance. The Austrians also prefer glasses to cups for their coffee, and, the habit once formed, no cup seems thin enough. Any excuse to use glass is admissible.
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