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6oo The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
The lemonade and ices are, of course, served in tumblers and glass saucers. Instead of sugar for the tea and cof­fee, the crystals of white rock-candy may be used, and are no mean substitute. A profusion of cut-glass on the large table makes, of course, an attractive decoration in itself, but the pressed glass now imitates it very nearly and is wonderfully cheap.
Should a dinner be given in preference, every possible device for using glass should be taken advantage of.
A large piece of looking-glass, bordered with red roses or other flowers, if desired, may be placed on the table, a glass bowl of flowers in the centre. If one be not fortu­nate enough to own by inheritance or purchase old-fashioned glass candlesticks with long pendant prisms, there are glass ones to be had, .some handsome, others very inexpensive and easily procured. The shades may have a fringe of cut-glass beads around them that, catch­ing the light, has a pretty prismatic effect.
For name-cards, small, round, bevelled mirrors, three inches in diameter, may easily be inscribed with the names of the guests in any coloured ink preferred. Wreaths of tiny blossoms painted along the edges would, of course, greatly enhance their beauty. Should these prove too expensive, a simple white card around the edges of which crystal beads are thickly sewn, forming a sort of a frame, may not be an unacceptable substi­tute.
Endless is the variety from which the presents may be selected—dainty bits of fragile Venetian, jewelled Bohemian, Austrian or Tiffany glass, vases of all sorts, shapes and sizes, glass inkstands, mucilage-bottles for the desk, crystal paper-cutters, magnifying glasses, liqueur stands, "tantalus" sets, cut-glass articles, rock-crystal "bibelots," pretty trifles in glass mounted in
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