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Wedding Anniversaries                    601
Empire gilt, bottles containing cologne, perfumes, wines —what one will—offer a wide field of choice.
Any of these articles may be selected for a prize, if some game or contest be chosen for the entertainment of the guests.
In a contest that lately afforded much amusement, each gentleman present was requested to write a descrip­tion of his wife's wedding-gown. The ladies meantime wrote accounts of their own. The man who came the nearest to the truth received a prize, and, of course, the rest professed to have seen nothing but the "lovelight in her eyes."
Among intimates, who know how to take a joke, the "booby prize" might be a small mirror in which the winner is invited to see the "prize booby."
The Linen Wedding may be celebrated twenty years from the "great event" in a woman's life.
It must be confessed that, although it furnishes an excellent opportunity for pretty gifts in embroidered and drawn-work doilies, centrepieces, toilet-sets, tray-cloths, and all manner of pretty napery, it is less sug­gestive to a hostess as a "theme" for an entertainment.
A dinner offers the best opportunity, perhaps, for the expression of the idea.
The invitations may be written upon squares of linen with indelible ink and enclosed in envelopes of the same material.
The elaborate folding of napkins is no longer in vogue, but the fashion might be revived on such an occasion when linen is to be made the prominent feature. Any pretty drawn-work or embroidered linen may be appro­priately introduced. Napkins, folded to represent a
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