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Wedding Anniversaries                    603
It is usually at about the period in life when the twenty-fifth anniversary of the marriage is reached that the family finances are at their highest point of prosper­ity, which may be one reason why it is more generally celebrated than any other, and usually by a reception or a dinner.
In the decoration of the rooms, flowers and palms are greatly to be desired, in whatever profusion the taste or means of the hosts may dictate. If there are vases of flowers about the rooms, ribbons of silver tissue may be tied about them, just below the blossoms, and the tinsel used so extensively for the decoration of Christmas-trees may be bestowed in places where its effective glitter may suggest the title of the anniversary.
For the table, nothing harmonises so well with silver as rose-colour, particularly by artificial light. Any pink roses (of one variety) make an exquisite centrepiece, but for this occasion American beauties in a silver loving-cup could not be surpassed.
When one has reached the "silver-wedding" day, one has presumably come to the time when one is not indif­ferent to the advantage of the light's being strained through rose-coloured shades. It thus blends mercy with justice.
Shades of filigree silver may be had, and, lined with pink of the shade of the flowers, are exceedingly pretty. They are also made in plated ware and of silvered paper. Those of artificial rose-petals are always lovely.
The bonbons should be pink, held in the usual little cups of crimped (silver) paper or enveloped in silver foil; the place-cards, also pink and silver-edged, should be
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