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Wedding Anniversaries                    605
the sick, the poor, and the afflicted, as though trying to draw within the circle of his own happiness as many as possible. The example is worthy of imitation.
The bride and groom, now grown old, may celebrate the event of their golden wedding anniversary with per­haps less fatigue and excitement, and certainly may include a wider circle of friends, by giving a reception than by any other form of entertainment.
It is to be hoped that, after having reached half a cen­tury of wedded life, the aged couple may have many will­ing hearts and hands of children and grandchildren at their disposal, who will relieve them of any exertion and responsibility in making ready for their guests. The decorations of rooms and table should be gay with golden blossoms. Nature is prodigal of yellow from spring daffodils to the chrysanthemums of autumn, gorse, broom, yellow maple boughs, ripe wheat, buttercups, etc., etc., and when "September waves its goldenrod," it is so lavish of its bloom that the rooms may be made like bowers. If the purse be sufficiently well lined with the precious metal, a golden wedding may be made like a scene from the Arabian Nights.
Florists may deck the rooms, the table be laden with gold plate, or dishes of gilded silver; but for those who would rather spend their money in lifting other people's burdens, or save it for the loved ones who are to come after them, pretty effects may be obtained at little out­lay of anything but time, patience, and good-will.
Portieres of corn-coloured cheese-cloth, bordered with chrysanthemums of yellow tissue paper mingled with a few natural leaves, may be hung at the doorways.
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