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606 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Any one with the usual complement of brain and fingers may make the flowers by the dozens in a short time, if one have a model.
Over one doorway may be placed the date of the marriage and the present date, in figures a foot long, composed of yellow flowers. These might be tiny paper roses, artificial buttercups, or immortelles.
In another doorway a huge wedding-bell or wedding-ring composed of yellow flowers, close-packed, might hang by a wide satin ribbon.
On the table a gilt-framed mirror may form the central ornament upon which the flower-piece stands. If one end of the mirror differ from the other, flowers may be heaped at both ends, to conceal the lack of uniformity.
A large bowl, vase or loving-cup of golden blossoms should ornament the centre of the table. A sheaf of wheat makes a pretty basket to hold them, and horns of plenty of gilded straw, out of which many fruits appear to be tumbling, would look well at the ends. A yellow satin ribbon, tied around a plain dish, will conceal it. Brass candlesticks make fairly good substitutes for gold ones. Candle-shades of gilt lace-paper are very inex­pensive, and yellow crimped paper ones may be trimmed with artificial buttercups. Pretty bobeches are made by twisting the stems of half a dozen of these flowers together, so that they appear to be growing around the base of the candle. Gilt lace papers should line every dish whenever possible. Oranges, salads covered with mayonnaise dressing, golden sponge-cake, cakes with orange icing, yellow bonbons—anything of the colour of the precious metal, is appropriate for the table decora­tions.
It would be less fatiguing for the aged couple if some daughter were to receive the guests, until most of them
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