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608 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
suggested with yellow flowers, like the carriages at a flower parade.
The gifts in some cases merely suggested by their colour the title-rdle of the anniversary—articles in silver gilt, ormolu, brass, a sofa-pillow of orange cloth, em­broidered in locust blossoms. Then there was an engrav­ing of "The Golden Wedding," by Knaus, and several books suggestive of married happiness. A huge wedding-cake, ornamented with the interlaced initials of the pair in gilt, was cut by the bride.
After the more formal guests had taken leave, a few of the nearest friends were asked to stay and join the family in a little service of thanksgiving that was to be held under the trees. It lasted but a few moments, was very fervent and impressive as the clergyman thanked God for the past and invoked His blessing and favour upon the future of the aged bride and groom.
Those to whom a kind Providence has granted the happy companionship of sixty years of married life may celebrate the diamond wedding. They should be spared the fatigue of any more taxing entertainment than a family gathering, which should include all who in other lands and ages would be regarded as the clan acknowl­edging headship of the aged pair.
Of course, to younger heads, hands and hearts should be committed all the preparations.
The table-cloth at the feast may be sparkling with "diamond dust," as powdered mica is called—the white flowers held in a cut-glass bowl or loving-cup in its cen­tre, and all the white bonbons and iced cakes held also in glass dishes. The old-fashioned candlesticks with
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