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Wedding Anniversaries                    609
pendant prisms would be the ones most to be desired, but any glass candelabra might replace them.
The candle-shades, made of cut-glass beads, are not beyond the power of home talent to achieve, and they catch and reflect the light prettily, somewhat in the manner of diamonds.
The bride and groom should be marshalled into the dining-room with some little ceremony—to the music of a wedding-march, at least, and at the close of the feast the eldest son may propose their health—which should be drunk standing. It is wiser to aim at merriment rather than to tax the emotions even pleasurably.
The gifts may suggest diamonds—bits of cut-glass, Rhinestone photograph frames, crystal in any form may be offered.
One aged bridegroom gave to his wife on the sixtieth anniversary of their marriage a diamond ring in which was inscribed—
"Fulfilment better than promise."
Another gave a small mirror set in Rhinestones to his bride, with the accompanying rhymes?
Look and see Why my Love is like a diamond.
Because she is fair and pure and bright, Because she is precious in my sight. Not coldly white, but gay and warm, With many reflections and varied charm. Great Solomon, too, her price has set, 'Far above rubies." Now, never yet In all the marts of the world was known A gem outranking the ruby save oneThe diamond only, so that Solomon
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