The Light Princess And Other Stories Classic Fairytales

Includes The Giant's Heart & the Shadows, By George MacDonald

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ihe window, passed through it, and sinking slowly upon the field of outstretched snow, commenced an orderly gliding rather than march along the frozen surface. They took it by turns to bear the king, as they sped with the swiftness of thought, in a straight line towards the north. The pole-star rose above their heads with visible rapidity ; for indeed they moved quite as fast as sad thoughts, though not with all the speed of happy desires. England and Scotland slid past the litter of the king of the Shadows. Over rivers and lakes they skimmed and glided. They climbed the high mountains, and crossed the valleys with a fearless bound; till they came to John-o'-Groat's house and the Northern Sea. The sea was not frozen ; for all the stars shone as clear out of the deeps below as they shone out of the deeps above ; and as the bearers slid along the blue-gray surface, with never a furrow in their track, so pure was the watei
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