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SOMEWHERE OR NOWHERE?                 25
now I do not. You are but beginning to become an individual.'
All about me was a pine-forest, in which my eyes were already searching deep, in the hope of discovering an unaccountable glimmer, and so finding my way home. But, alas! how could I any longer call that house home, where every door, every window opened into— Out, and even the garden I could not keep inside !
I suppose I looked discomfited.
I Perhaps it may comfort you,' said the raven,' to be told that you have not yet left your house, neither has your house left you. At the same time it cannot con­tain you, or you inhabit it!'
'I do not understand you,' I replied. ' Where am I ?' ' In the region of the seven dimensions,' he answered,
with a curious noise in his throat, and a flutter of his tail. ' You had better follow me carefully now for a moment, lest you should hurt some one! '
' There is nobody to hurt but yourself, Mr. Raven !
confess I should rather like to hurt you! '
' That you see nobody is where the danger lies. But you see that large tree to your left, about thirty yards away ? '
Of course I do : why should I not ? ' I answered testily.
' Ten minutes ago you did not see it, and now you do not know where it stands !'
'I do.'
' Where do you think it stands ?
' Why there, where you know it is I'
' Where is there ? '
' You bother me with your silly questions !' I cried.
'I am growing tired of you!'
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