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2 8                                       LILITH
' You cannot break what was broken days ago!' he answered.
Do show me the way,' I pleaded.
'I cannot,' he returned. To go back, you must go through yourself, and that way no man can show another.'
Entreaty was vain. I must accept my fate ! But how was life to be lived in a world of which I had all the laws to learn ? There would, however, be adven­ture ! that held consolation; and whether I found my way home or not, I should at least have the rare advantage of knowing two worlds !
I had never yet done anything to justify my exist­ence; my former world was nothing the better for my sojourn in it : here, however, I must earn, or in some way find, my bread ! But I reasoned that, as I was not to blame in being here, I might expect to be taken care of here as well as there ! I had had nothing to do with getting into the world I had just left, and in it I had found myself heir to a large property! If that world, as I now saw, had a claim upon me because I had eaten, and could eat again, upon this world I had a claim because I must eat—when it would in return have a claim on me !
There is no hurry,' said the raven, who stood re­garding me; ' we do not go much by the clock here. Still, the sooner one begins to do what has to be done, the better! I will take you to my wife.'
' Thank you. Let us go!' I answered, and im­mediately he led the way.
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