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The air as of an ice-house met me crossing the threshold. The door fell-to behind us. The sexton said something to his wife that made her turn toward us. —What a change had passed upon her! It was as if the splendour of her eyes had grown too much for them to hold, and, sinking into her countenance, made it flash with a loveliness like that of Beatrice in the white rose of the redeemed. Life itself, life eternal, immortal, streamed from it, an unbroken lightning. Even her hands shone with a white radiance, every ' pearl-shell helmet' gleaming like a moonstone. Her beauty was overpowering ; I was glad when she turned it from me.
But the light of the candle reached such a little way, that at first I could see nothing of the place. Pre­sently, however, it fell on something that glimmered, a little raised from the floor. Was it a bed ? Could live thing sleep in such a mortal cold ? Then surely it was no wonder it should not wake of itself! Beyond that appeared a fainter shine; and then I thought I descried uncertain gleams on every side.
A few paces brought us to the first; it was a human form under a sheet, straight and still—whether
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