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away long ago. Your great-grandfather has been with us for many a year; I think he will soon begin to stir. You saw him last night, though of course you did not know him.'
' Why of course ? '
I Because he is so much nearer waking than you. No one who will not sleep can ever wake.'
'I do not at all understand you ! '
' You turned away, and would not understand ! '
I held my peace.—But if I did not say something, he would go !
' And my grandfather—is he also with you ? ' I asked.
' No; he is still in the Evil Wood, fighting the dead.'
'Where is the Evil Wood, that I may find him?'
' You will not find him; but you will hardly miss the wood. It is the place where those who will not sleep, wake up at night, to kill their dead and bury them.'
'1 cannot understand you !'
' Naturally not. Neither do I understand you; I can read neither your heart nor your face. When my wife and I do not understand our children, it is because there is not enough of them to be understood. God alone can understand foolishness.'
' Then,' I said, feeling naked and very worthless, 'will you be so good as show me the nearest way home ? There are more ways than one, I know, for I have gone by two already.'
' There are indeed many ways.'
' Tell me, please, how to recognise the nearest.'
'I cannot,' answered the raven; 'you and I use
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