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I thought what a lovely woman she would grow. But what became of them when they grew up? Where did they go ? That brought me again to the question—where did they come from first ?
Will you tell me where you lived before ? ' I said. ' Here,' she replied.
Have you never lived anywhere else ? ' I ventured.
I Never. We all came from the wood. Some think we dropped out of the trees.'
' How is it there are so many of you quite little ?'
'I don't understand. Some are less and some are bigger. I am very big.'
' Baby will grow bigger, won't he ? '^
' Of course he will! '
' And will you grow bigger ?'
' I don't think so. I hope not. I am the biggest. It frightens me sometimes.'
I Why should it frighten you ? ' She gave me no answer.
How old are you ? ' I resumed.
'I do not know what you mean. We are all just that.'
How big will the baby grow ? '
I cannot tell.—Some,' she added, with a trouble in her voice, ' begin to grow again after we think they have stopped.—That is a frightful thing. We don't talk about it!'
' What makes it frightful ?' She was silent for a moment, then answered, ' We fear they may be beginning to grow giants.' ' Why should you fear that ? ' ' Because it is so terrible.—I don't want to talk about it!'
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