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ICO                                     LILITH
Bags know nothing, and the careless little Lovers forget almost everything.'
' Where do those live ? '
' You are just come from them ! '
' I never heard those names before !
' You would not hear them. Neither people knows its own name !'
Strange !'
Perhaps so ! but hardly any one anywhere knows his own name ! It would make many a fine gentleman stare to hear himself addressed by what is really his name!'
I held my peace, beginning to wonder what my name might be.
' What now do you fancy yours ? ' she went on, as if aware of my thought. ' But, pardon me, it is a matter of no consequence.'
I had actually opened my mouth to answer her, when I discovered that my name was gone from me. I could not even recall the first letter of it! This was the second time I had been asked my name and could not tell it!
'Never mind,' she said; 'it is not wanted. Your real name, indeed, is written on your forehead, but at present it whirls about so irregularly that nobody can read it. I will do my part to steady it. Soon it will go slower, and, I hope, settle at last.'
This startled me, and I was silent.
We had left the channels and walked a long time, but no sign of the cottage yet appeared.
The Little Ones told me,' I said at length, ' of a smooth green country, pleasant to the feet!'
Yes ?' she returned.
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