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128                                   LILITH
will by and by develop faces; for every grain of truth-fulness adds a fibre to the show of their humanity. Nothing but truth can appear; and whatever is must seem.'
' Are they upheld by this hope ?' I asked.
They are upheld by hope, but they do not in the least know their hope ; to understand it, is yet im­measurably beyond them,' answered Mr. Raven.
His unexpected appearance had caused me no astonishment. I was like a child, constantly wondering, and surprised at nothing.
' Did you come to find me, sir ?' I asked.
Not at all/ he replied. I have no anxiety about you. Such as you always come back to us.'
Tell me, please, who am I such as ?' I said.
' I cannot make my friend the subject of conver­sation,' he answered, with a smile.
' But when that friend is present! ' I urged.
'I decline the more strongly,' he rejoined.
' But when that friend asks you! ' I persisted.
' Then most positively I refuse,' he returned.
' Because he and I would be talking of two persons as if they were one and the same. Your consciousness of yourself and my knowledge of you are far apart! '
The lapels of his coat flew out, and the lappets lifted, and I thought the metamorphosis of homo to corvus was about to take place before my eyes. But the coat closed again in front of him, and he added, with seeming inconsequence,
' In this world never trust a person who has once deceived you. Above all, never do anything such a one may ask you to do/
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