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' AM SILENCED                         197
11 would gladly have kept them from requiring any for that purpose ! '
No doubt you would—the aim of all stupid philanthropists ! Why, Mr. Vane, but for the weeping in it, your world would never have become worth saving! You confess you thought it might be water they wanted: why did not you dig them a well or two ?'
' That never entered my mind !'
' Not when the sounds of the waters under the earth entered your ears ? '
11 believe it did once. But I was afraid of the giants for them. That was what made me bear so much from the brutes myself ! '
 Indeed you almost taught the noble little creatures to be afraid of the stupid Bags ! While they fed and comforted and worshipped you, all the time you sub­mitted to be the slave of bestial men ! You gave the darlings a seeming coward for their hero! A worse wrong you could hardly have done them. They gave you their hearts; you owed them your soul!—You might by this time have made the Bags hewers of wood and drawers of water to the Little Ones ! '
11 fear what you say is true, Mr. Raven ! But in­deed I was afraid that more knowledge might prove an injury to them—render them less innocent, less lovely.'
' They had given you no reason to harbour such a fear! '
' Is not a little knowledge a dangerous thing ? '
' That is one of the pet falsehoods of your world ! Is man's greatest knowledge more than a little ? or is it therefore dangerous ? The fancy that knowledge is in itself a great thing, would make any degree of know-
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