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THE LOVERS AND THE BAGS              227
' Ah,' said one of the wildest, but we were not birds then ! We were run-creatures, not fly-creatures! We had our hide-places in the bushes then ; but when we came to no-bushes, only trees, we had to build nests ! When we built nests, we grew birds, and when we were birds, we had to do birds ! We asked them to teach us their noises, and they taught us, and now we are real birds !—Come and see my nest. It's not big enough for king, but it's big enough for king to see me in it!'
I told him I could not get up a tree without the sun to show me the way; when he came, I would try.
' Kings seldom have wings ! ' I added.
' King! king!' cried one, ' 00 knows none of us hasn't no wings—foolis feddery tings ! Arms and legs is better.'
' That is true. I can get up without wings—and carry straws in my mouth too, to build my nest with !'
' Oo knows !' he answered, and went away sucking his thumb.
A moment after, I heard him calling out of his nest, a great way up a walnut tree of enormous size,
' Up adain, king ! Dood night! I seepy !'
And I heard no more of him till he woke me in the morning
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