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Outside the crowd stood the elephants, and I near them, gazing at my Lona over the many little heads between. Those next me caught sight of the princess, and stared trembling. Odu was the first to speak.
11 have seen that woman before ! ' he whispered to his next neighbour. ' It was she who fought the white leopardess, the night they woke us with their yelling!'
' Silly!' returned his companion. That was a wild beast, with spots ! '
' Look at her eyes !' insisted Odu. ' I know she is a bad giantess, but she is a wild beast all the same. I know she is the spotted one!'
The other took a step nearer; Odu drew him back with a sharp pull.
' Don't look at her! ' he cried, shrinking away, yet fascinated by the hate-filled longing in her eyes. ' She would eat you up in a moment! It was her shadow ! She is the wicked princess !'
I That cannot be ! they said she was beautiful!'
' Indeed it is the princess!' I interposed. ' Wickedness has made her ugly! '
She heard, and what a look was hers !
 It was very wrong of me to run away ! ' said Odu thoughtfully.
' What made you run away ? ' I asked. I expected to find you where I left you !' He did not reply at once.
'I don't know what made me run,' answered another. ' I was frightened !'
' It was a man that came down the hill from the palace,' said a third.
 How did he frighten you ?' ' I don't know.'
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