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Ones ! You have never seen any, and do not know how lovely is the water !'
' That will be the glad of the ground that the prin≠cess is grown good,' said Odu. See the glad of the sky!'
' Are the rivers the glad of the princess ? ' asked Luva. ' They are not her juice, for they are not red ! '
' They are the juice inside the juice,' answered Mara.
Odu put one finger to his eye, looked at it, and shook his head.
' Princess will not bite now !' said Luva.
' No; she will never do that again,' replied Mara. ' óBut now we must take her nearer home.'
' Is that a nest ?' asked Sozo.
Yes ; a very big nest. But we must take her to another place first.'
' What is that?'
' It is the biggest room in all this world.óBut I think it is going to be pulled down : it will soon be too full of little nests.óGo and get your clumsies.'
' Please are there any cats in it ? '
' Not one. The nests are too full of lovely dreams for one cat to get in.'
'We shall be ready in a minute,' said Odu, and ran out, followed by all except Luva.
Lilith was now awake, and listening with a sad smile.
' But her rivers are running so fast!' said Luva, who stood by her side and seemed unable to take her eyes from her face. ' Her robe is allóI don't know what. Clumsies won't like it!'
' They won't mind it,' answered Mara. ' Those rivers are so clean that they make the whole world clean.'
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