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again. The candle in Eve's hand shone on the sleeping face of Lilith, and the waking faces of the three Little Ones, grouped on the other side of her couch.
' How beautiful she is grown ! ' said one of them.
I Poor princess !' said another; ' I will sleep with her. She will not bite any more !'
As he spoke he climbed into her bed, and was im­mediately fast asleep. Eve covered him with the sheet.
'I will go on her other side,' said the third. She shall have two to kiss her when she wakes !'
' And I am left alone !' said the first mournfully.
' I will put you to bed,' said Eve.
She gave the candle to her husband, and led the child away.
We turned once more to go back to the cottage. I was very sad, for no one had offered me a place in the house of the dead. Eve joined us as we went, and walked on before with her husband. Mara by my side carried the hand of Lilith in the lap of her robe.
' Ah, you have found her !' we heard Eve say as we stepped into the cottage.
The door stood open; two elephant-trunks came through it out of the night beyond.
' I sent them with the lantern,' she went on to her husband, to look for Mara's leopardess: they have brought her.'
I followed Adam to the door, and between us we took the white creature from the elephants, and carried her to the chamber we had just left, the women pre­ceding us, Eve with the light, and Mara still carrying the hand. There we laid the beauty across the feet of the princess, her fore paws outstretched, and her head couching between them.
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