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' It must be a sight for God Himself to see such a woman come awake !'
' It is indeed a sight for God, a sight that makes her Maker glad ! He sees of the travail of His soul, and is satisfied !—Look at her once more, and sleep.'
He let the rays of his candle fall on her beautiful face.
' She looks much younger !' I said.
' She is much younger,' he replied. ' Even Lilith already begins to look younger !'
I lay down, blissfully drowsy.
'But when you see your mother again,' he con­tinued, ' you will not at first know her. She will go on steadily growing younger until she reaches the perfection of her womanhood—a splendour beyond foresight. Then she will open her eyes, behold on one side her husband, on the other her son—and rise and leave them, to go to a father and a brother more to her than they.'
I heard as one in a dream. I was very cold, but already the cold caused me no suffering. I felt them put on me the white garment of the dead. Then I forgot everything. The night about me was pale with sleeping faces, but I was asleep also, nor knew that I slept.
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