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The fourth night I seemed to fall asleep, and that night woke indeed. I opened my eyes and knew, although all was dark around me, that I lay in the house of death, and that every moment since there I fell asleep I had been dreaming, and now first was awake. At last! ' I said to my heart, and it leaped for joy. I turned my eyes; Lona stood by my couch, waiting for me ! I had never lost her !—only for a little time lost the sight of her ! Truly I needed not have lamented her so sorely !
It was dark, as I say, but I saw her : she was not dark! Her eyes shone with the radiance of the Mother's, and the same light issued from her face—nor from her face only, for her death-dress, filled with the light of her body now tenfold awake in the power of its resur­rection, was white as snow and glistering. She fell asleep a girl; she awoke a woman, ripe with the loveli­ness of the life essential. I folded her in my arms, and knew that I lived indeed.
' I woke first! ' she said, with a wondering smile.
I You did, my love, and woke me ! '
'I only looked at you and waited,' she answered. The candle came floating toward us through the
dark, and in a few moments Adam and Eve and Mara were with us. They greeted us with a quiet
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