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good-morning and a smile: they were used to such wakings!
' I hope you have had a pleasant darkness !' said the Mother.
Not very,' I answered, ? but the waking from it is heavenly.'
' It is but begun,' she rejoined ; \ you are hardly yet awake! '
' He is at least clothed-upon with Death, which is the radiant garment of Life,' said Adam.
He embraced Lona his child, put an arm around me, looked a moment or two inquiringly at the princess, and patted the head of the leopardess.
11 think we shall meet you two again before long,' he said, looking first at Lona, then at me.
' Have we to die again ? ' I asked.
No,' he answered, with a smile like the Mother's ; ' you have died into life, and will die no more; you have only to keep dead. Once dying as we die here, all the dying is over. Now you have only to live, and that you must, with all your blessed might. The more you live, the stronger you become to live.'
' But shall I not grow weary with living so strong ? ' I said. ' "What if I cease to live with all my might ? '
It needs but the will, and the strength is there ! ' said the Mother. ' Pure life has no weakness to grow weary withal. The Life keeps generating ours.—Those who will not die, die many times, die constantly, keep dying deeper, never have done dying; here all is up-wardness and love and gladness.'
She ceased with a smile and a look that seemed to say, ' We are mother and son; we understand each other ! Between us no farewell is possible.'
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