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As yet I have not found Lona, but Mara is much with me. She has taught me many things, and is teaching me more.
Can it be that that last waking also was in the dream ? that I am still in the chamber of death, asleep and dreaming, not yet ripe enough to wake ? Or can it be that I did not go to sleep outright and heartily, and so have come awake too soon ? If that waking was itself but a dream, surely it was a dream of a better waking yet to come, and I have not been the sport of a false vision ! Such a dream must have yet lovelier truth at the heart of its dreaming !
In moments of doubt I cry,
' Could God Himself create such lovely things as I dreamed ?'
' Whence then came thy dream ? ' answers Hope.
' Out of my dark self, into the light of my conscious­ness.'
' But whence first into thy dark self ? ' rejoins Hope.
' My brain was its mother, and the fever in my blood its father.'
' Say rather,' suggests Hope, thy brain was the violin whence it issued, and the fever in thy blood the bow that drew it forth.—But who made the violin ? and
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