Illustrated rhyming children's picture book by Felix Leigh

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CRIED the drake to the ducks, "Here's a boy with a bun,
Come, make haste ! we shall have quite a feast!" "Would you mind," said a swan, "if we shared in the fun?''
"O dear no!" said he; "not in the least!" It was surely through fear, not politeness at all,
That the drake made so civil a speech, For that one penny bun, after all, was so small,
There was hardly a mouthful for each!
From the ducks and the swans on the lake, to next page—
A much quieter scene—you may pass : Though Westminster Cloisters are hoary with age,
Yet green is their velvety grass, And cheerily bright are their gables and peaks,
As they glow in the westering sun : 'Tis some house in the Cloisters yon schoolboy seeks—
Don't you wonder, now, which is the one ?