Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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18                                 LITTLE LOUD FAUNTLEROY.
expression in his childish eyes, and saw that he was not changed at all, but was simply as he had been the day before, just a handsome, cheerful, brave little fellow in a blue suit and red neck-ribbon, all this information about the nobility bewildered him. He was all the more bewildered because Cedric gave it with such ingenuous simplicity, and plainly without realizing himself how stupendous it was.
" Wha—what did you say your name was?" Mr. Hobbs inquired.
" It 's Cedric Errol, Lord Fauntleroy," answered Cedric. "That was what Mr. Havisham called me. He said when I went into the room : 'And so this is little Lord Fauntleroy !
" Well," said Mr. Hobbs, ."I '11 be—jiggered ! " This was an exclamation he always used when he was very much astonished or excited. He could think of nothing else to say just at that puzzling moment.
Cedric felt it to be quite a proper and suitable ejaculation. His respect and affection for Mr. Hobbs were so great that he admired and approved of all his remarks. He had not seen enough of society as yet to make him realize that sometimes Mr. Hobbs was not quite conventional. He knew, of course, that he was different from his mamma, but, then, his mamma was a lady, and he had an idea that ladies were always different from gentlemen. He looked at Mr. Hobbs wistfully.
" England is a long way off, is n't it? " he asked.
" It's across the Atlantic Ocean," Mr. Hobbs answered.
" That 's the worst of it," said Cedric. " Perhaps I shall not see you again for a long time. I don't like to think of that, Mr. Hobbs."
" The best of friends must part," said Mr. Hobbs.
"Well," said Cedric, "we have been friends for a great many years, have n't we ? "
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