Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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26                                LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY.
" He seems to be a very mature little fellow," Mr. Havisham said to the mother.
" I think he is, in some things," she answered. " He has always been very quick to learn, and he has lived a great deal with grown­up people. He has a funny little habit of using long words and expressions he has read in books, or has heard others use, but he is very fond of childish play. I think he is rather clever, but he is a very boyish little boy, sometimes."
The next time Mr. Havisham met him, he saw that this last was quite true. As his coupe turned the corner, he caught sight of a group of small boys, who were evidently much excited. Two of them were about to run a race, and one of them was his young lord­ship, and he was shouting and making as much noise as the noisiest of his companions. He stood side by side with another boy, one little red leg advanced a step.
" One, to make ready ! " yelled the starter. " Two, to be steady. Three—and away ! "
Mr. Havisham found himself leaning out of the window of his coupe with a curious feeling of interest. He really never remem­bered having seen anything quite like the way in which his lordship's lordly little red legs flew up behind his knickerbockers and tore over the ground as he shot out in the race at the signal word. He shut his small hands and set his face against the wind ; his bright hair streamed out behind.
" Hooray, Ced Errol!" all the boys shouted, dancing and shriek­ing with excitement. " Hooray, Billy Williams ! Hooray, Ceddie ! Hooray, Billy ! Hooray ! 'Ray ! 'Ray ! "
" I really believe he is going to win," said Mr. Havisham. The way in which the red legs flew and flashed up and down, the shrieks of the boys, the wild efforts of Billy Williams, whose brown legs were not to be despised, as they followed closely in the rear of the
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