Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY.                                31
made twenty days, and he grew tired of apples after a week; but then — it was quite fortunate — a gentleman gave me fifty cents and I bought apples from her instead. You feel sorry for any one that's so poor and has such ancient lin-lenage. She says hers has gone into her bones and the rain makes it worse."
Mr. Havisham felt rather at a loss as he looked at his com­panion's innocent, serious little face.
" I am afraid you did not quite understand me," he explained. " When I said ' ancient lineage' I did not mean old age; I meant that the name of such a family has been known in the world a long time ; perhaps for hundreds of years persons bearing that name have been known and spoken of in the history of their country."
" Like George Washington," said Ceddie. " I 've heard of him ever since I was born, and he was known about, long before that. Mr. Hobbs says he will never be forgotten. That 's because of the Declaration of Independence, you know, and the Fourth of July. You see, he was a very brave man."
" The first Earl of Dorincourt," said Mr. Havisham solemnly, " was created an earl four hundred years ago."
" Well, well !" said Ceddie. "That was a long time ago ! Did you tell Dearest that ? It would int'rust her very much. We '11 tell her when she comes in. She always likes to hear cur'us things. What else does an earl do besides being created ? "
" A great many of them have helped to govern England. Some of them have been brave men and have fought in great battles in the old days."
" I should like to do that myself," said Cedric. " My papa was a soldier, and he was a very brave man — as brave as George Wash­ington. Perhaps that was because he would have been an earl if he had n't died. I am glad earls are brave. That 's a great 'van­tage— to be a brave man. Once I used to be rather afraid of
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