Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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36                               LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY.
mother was too gentle to suspect any harm. She thought that per­haps this meant that a lonely, unhappy old man, whose children were dead, wished to be kind to her little boy, and win his love and confi­dence. And it pleased her very much to think that Ceddie would be able to help Bridget. It made her happier to know that the very first result of the strange fortune which had befallen her little boy was that he could do kind things for those who needed kindness. Quite a warm color bloomed on her pretty young face.
" Oh ! " she said, " that was very kind of the Earl; Cedric will be so glad! He has always been fond of Bridget and Michael. They are quite deserving. I have often wished I had been able to help them more. Michael is a hard-working man when he is well, but he has been ill a long time and needs expensive medicines and warm clothing and nourishing food. He and Bridget will not be wasteful of what is given them."
Mr. Havisham put his thin hand in his breast pocket and drew forth a large pocket-book. There was a queer look in his keen face. The truth was, he was wondering what the Earl of Dorinccurt would say when he was told what was the first wish of his grandson that had been granted. He wondered what the cross, worldly, selfish old nobleman would think cf it.
" I do not know that you have realized," he said, "that the Earl of Dorincourt is an exceedingly rich man. He can afford to gratify any caprice. I think it would please him to know that Lord Faunt-leroy had been indulged in any fancy. If you will call him back and allow me, I shall give him five pounds for these people."
" That would be twenty-five dollars ! " exclaimed Mrs. Errol. " It will seem like wealth to them. " I can scarcely believe that it is true."
" It is quite true," said Mr. Havisham, with his dry smile. " A great change has taken place in your son's life, a great deal of power will lie in his hands."
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