Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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38                                LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY.
have. He told Mr. Havisham so, and gave him a great deal of money for you. You can give some to Bridget now; enough to pay her rent and buy Michael everything. Is n't that fine, Ceddie? Is n't he good ?" And she kissed the child on his round cheek, where the bright color suddenly flashed up in his excited amazement. He looked from his mother to Mr. Havisham.
" Can I have it now ?" he cried. " Can I give it to her this minute ? She 's just going."
Mr. Havisham handed him the money. It was in fresh, clean greenbacks and made a neat roll.
Ceddie flew out of the room with it.
" Bridget!" they heard him shout, as he tore into the kitchen. " Bridget, wait a minute ! Here 's some money. It 's for you, and you can pay the rent. My grandpapa gave it to me. It 's for you and Michael!"
" Oh, Master Ceddie!" cried Bridget, in an awe-stricken voice. " It's twinty-foive dollars is here. Where be's the misthress ? "
" I think I shall have to go and explain it to her," Mrs. Errol said. So she, too, went out of the room and Mr. Havisham was left alone for a while. He went to the window and stood looking out into the street reflectively. He was thinking of the old Earl of Dorincourt, sitting in his great, splendid, gloomy library at the castle, gouty and lonely, surrounded by grandeur and luxury, but not really loved by any one, because in all his long life he had never really loved any one but himself; he had been selfish and self-indul­gent and arrogant and passionate; he had cared so much for the Earl of Dorincourt and his pleasures that there had been no time for him to think of other people; all his wealth and power, all the bene­fits from his noble name and high rank, had seemed to him to be things only to be used to amuse and give pleasure to the Earl of Dorincourt; and now that he was an old man, all this excitement
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