Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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" I wish ye was n't goin' away," he said in a husky voice. Then he winked his eyes again. Then he looked at Mr. Havisham, and touched his cap, "Thanky, sir, fur bringin' him down here an' fur wot ye 've done, He 's—he 's a queer little feller," he added. " I 've allers thort a heap of him. He 's such a game little feller, an'—an' such a queer little un."
And when they turned away he stood and looked after them in a dazed kind of way, and there was still a mist in his eyes, and a lump in his throat, as he watched the gallant little figure marching gayly along by the side of its tall, rigid escort.
Until the day of his departure, his lordship spent as much time as possible with Mr. Hobbs in the store. Gloom had settled upon Mr. Hobbs ; he was much depressed in spirits. When his young friend brought to him in triumph the parting gift of a gold watch and chain, Mr. Hobbs found it difficult to acknowledge it properly. He laid the case on his stout knee, and blew his nose violently several times.
"There's something written on it," said Cedric,—"inside the case. I told the man myself what to say. ' From his oldest friend, Lord Fauntleroy, to Mr. Hobbs. When this you see, remember me.' I don't want you to forget me."
Mr. Hobbs blew his nose very loudly again.
" I sha'n't forget you," he said, speaking a trifle huskily, as Dick had spoken ; " nor don't you go and forget me when you get among the British arrystocracy."
" I should n't forget you, whoever I was among," answered his lordship. " I 've spent my happiest hours with you; at least, some of my happiest hours. I hope you '11 come to see me sometime. I 'm sure my grandpapa would be very much pleased. Perhaps he '11 write and ask you, when I tell him about you. You—you would n't mind his being an earl, would you ? I mean you would n't stay away just because he was one, if he invited you to come ? "
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