Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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" It's the most beautiful place I ever saw!" said Cedric, his round face flushing with pleasure. " It reminds any one of a king's palace.
I  saw a picture of one once in a fairy-book."
He saw the great entrance-door thrown open and many servants standing in two lines looking at him. He wondered why they were standing there, and admired their liveries very much. He did not know that they were there to do honor to the little boy to whom all this splendor would one day belong, the beautiful castle like the fairy king's palace, the magnificent park, the grand old trees, the dells full of ferns and bluebells where the hares and rabbits played, the dappled, large-eyed deer couching in the deep grass. It was only a couple of weeks since he had sat with Mr. Hobbs among the potatoes and canned peaches, with his legs dangling from the high stool; it would not have been possible for him to realize that he had very much to do with all this grandeur. At the head of the line of servants there stood an elderly woman in a rich, plain black silk gown ; she had gray hair and wore a cap. As he entered the hall she stood nearer than the rest, and the child thought from the look in her eyes that she was going to speak to him. Mr. Havisham, who held his hand, paused a moment.
" This is Lord Fauntleroy, Mrs. Mellon," he said. " Lord Faunt-leroy, this is Mrs. Mellon, who is the housekeeper." Cedric gave her his hand, his eyes lighting up.
" Was it you who sent the cat ? " he said. " I 'm much obliged to you, ma'am."
Mrs. Mellon's handsome old face looked as pleased as the face of the lodge-keeper's wife had done.
" I should know his lordship anywhere," she said to Mr. Havisham.
" He has the Captain's face and way. It 's a great day, this, sir."
Cedric wondered why it was a great day. He looked at Mrs. Mellon curiouslv. It seemed to him for a moment as if there were
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