Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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ing and being touched by the friendly warm-heartedness of which it seemed to speak. She had scarcely passed through the stone porch into the church before the great event of the day happened. The carriage from the Castle, with its handsome horses and tall liveried servants, bowled around the corner and down the green lane.
" Here they come! " went from one looker-on to another. And then the carriage drew up, and Thomas stepped down and opened the door, and a little boy, dressed in black velvet, and with a splendid mop of bright waving hair, jumped out.
Every man, woman, and child looked curiously upon him.
" He 's the Captain over again! " said those of the on-lookers who remembered his father. " He 's the Captain's self, to the life!" He stood there in the sunlight looking up at the Earl, as Thomas helped that nobleman out, with the most affectionate inter­est that could be imagined. The instant he could help, he put out his hand and offered his shoulder as if he had been seven feet high. It was plain enough to every one that however it might be with other people, the Earl of Dorincourt struck no terror into the breast of his grandson.
" Just lean on me," they heard him say. " How glad the people are to see you, and how well they all seem to know you !"
" Take off your cap, Fauntleroy," said the Earl. " They are bowing to you."
" To me ! " cried Fauntleroy, whipping off his cap in a moment, baring his bright head to the crowd and turning shining, puzzled eyes on them as he tried to bow to every one at once.
" God bless your lordship ! " said the courtesying, red-cloaked old woman who had spoken to his mother ; "long life to you ! "
" Thank you, ma'am," said Fauntleroy. And then they went into the church, and were looked at there, on their way up the aisle to the square, red-cushioned and curtained pew. When Fauntleroy was
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