Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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188                                 LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY.
that there would be a long trial, which would be far more interesting than anything ever carried into court before. Mr. Hobbs used to read the papers until his head was in a whirl, and in the evening he and Dick would talk it all over. They found out what an important personage an Earl of Dorincourt was, and what a magnificent income he possessed, and how many estates he owned, and how stately and beautiful was the Castle in which he lived; and the more they learned, the more excited they became.
" Seems like somethin' orter be done," said Mr. Hobbs. " Things like them orter be held on to—earls or no earls."
But there really was nothing they could do but each wTrite a letter to Cedric, containing assurances of their friendship and sym­pathy. They wrote those letters as soon as they could after receiv­ing the news; and after having written them, they handed them over to each other to be read.
This is what Mr. Hobbs read in Dick's letter.
" Dere Frend: i got ure letter an Mr. Hobbs got his an we are sory u are down on ure luck an we say hold on as longs u kin an dont let no one git ahed of u. There is a lot of ole theves wil make al they kin of u ef u dont kepe ure i skined. But this is mosly to say that ive not forgot wot u did fur me an if there aint no better way cum over here an go in pardners with me. Biznes is fine an ile see no harm cums to u Enny big feler that trise to cum it over u wil hafter setle it fust with Perfessor Dick Tipton So no more at present                                                                              Dick."
And this was what Dick read in Mr. Hobbs's letter:
" Dear Sir : Yrs received and wd say things looks bad. I believe its a put up job and them thats done it ought to be looked after sharp. And what I write to say is two things. Im going to look this thing up. Keep quiet and 111 see a lawyer and do all I can And if the worst happens and them earls is too many for us theres a partnership in the grocery business ready for you when yure old enough and a home and a friend in
" Yrs truly,                                    Silas Hobbs."
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