Little Lord Fauntleroy - illustrated online book

An American boy becomes A British Earl, By Frances Hodgson Burnett

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192                              LITTLE LORD FAVNTLEROY.
all certainly sounded very wild and queer; but he chanced to want something to do very much, and he chanced to know Dick, and Dick chanced to say his say in a very sharp, telling sort of way.
" And," said Mr. Hobbs, " say what your time 's worth a' hour and look into this thing thorough, and I 7/ pay the damage,—Silas Hobbs, corner of Blank street, Vegetables and Fancy Groceries."
" Well," said Mr. Harrison, " it will be a big thing if it turns out all right, and it will be almost as big a thing for me as for Lord Fauntleroy; and, at any rate, no harm can be done by investigating. It appears there has been some dubiousness about the child. The woman contradicted herself in some of her statements about his age, and aroused suspicion. The first persons to be written to are Dick's brother and the Earl of Dorincourt's family lawyer."
And actually, before the sun went down, two letters had been written and sent in two different directions — one speeding out of New York harbor on a mail steamer on its way to England, and the other on a train carrying letters and passengers bound for Cali­fornia. And the first was addressed to T. Havisham, Esq., and the second to Benjamin Tipton.
And after the store was closed that evening, Mr. Hobbs and Dick sat in the back-room and talked together until midnight.
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