Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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In February, 1911, Professor Henry W. Holmes, of the Division of Education of Harvard University, did me the honour to suggest that an English translation be made of my Italian volume, "II Metodo delta Pedagogia Scien-tifica applicato all' educazione infantile nelle Case dei Bambini." This suggestion represented one of the greatest events in the history of my educational work. To-day, that to which I then looked forward as an unusual privilege has become an accomplished fact.
The Italian edition of "II Metodo delta Pedagogia Scientiftca" had no preface, because the book itself I con­sider nothing more than the preface to a more compre­hensive work, the aim and extent of which it only indi­cates. For the educational method for children of from three to six years set forth here is but the earnest of a work that, developing the same principle and method, shall cover in a like manner the successive stages of education. Moreover, the method which obtains in the Case dei Bam­bini offers, it seems to me, an experimental field for the study of man, and promises, perhaps, the development of a science that shall disclose other secrets of nature.
In the period that has elapsed between the publication of the Italian and American editions, I have had, with my pupils, the opportunity to simplify and render more exact certain practical details of the method, and to gather addi­tional observations concerning discipline. The results attest the vitality of the method and the necessity for an
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