Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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from the standpoint of the world, a veritable renunciation of life itself, almost a martyrdom.
But the love of man for man is a far more tender thing, and so simple that it is universal. To love in this way-is not the privilege of any especially prepared intellectual class, but lies within the reach of all men.
To give an idea of this second form of preparation, that of the spirit, let us try to enter into the minds and hearts of those first followers of Christ Jesus as they heard Him speak of a Kingdom not of this world, greater far than any earthly kingdom, no matter how royally conceived. In their simplicity they asked of Him, " Master, tell us who shall be greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven ? " To which Christ, caressing the head of a little child who, with reverent, wondering eyes, looked into His face, replied, " Whosoever shall become as one of these little ones, he shall be greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven." Eow let us picture among those to whom these words were spoken, an ardent, worshipping soul, who takes them into his heart. With a mixture of respect and love, of sacred curiosity and of a desire to achieve this spiritual greatness, he sets himself to observe every mani­festation of this little child. Even such an observer placed in a classroom filled with little children will not be the-new educator whom we wish to form. But let us seek to implant in the soul the self-sacrificing spirit of the scientist with the reverent love of the disciple of Christ, and we shall have prepared the spirit of the teacher. From the child itself he will learn how to perfect him­self as an educator.
Let us consider the attitude of the teacher in the light of another example. Picture to yourself one of our bota-
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