Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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HISTORY OF METHODS                    43
prizes in the subjects of Scientific Pedagogy and Experi­mental Psychology. A great opportunity came to me, for I was invited by Edoardo Talamo, the Director General of the Roman Association for Good Building, to under­take the organisation of infant schools in its model tene­ments. It was Signor Talamo's happy idea to gather to­gether in a large room all the little ones between the ages of three and seven belonging to the families living in the tenement. The play and work of these children was to be carried on under the guidance of a teacher who should have her own apartment in the tenement house. It was intended that every house should have its school, and as the Association for Good Building already owned more than 400 tenements in Rome the work seemed to offer tremendous possibilities of development. The first school was to be established in January, 1907, in a large tenement house in the Quarter of San Lorenzo. In the same Quar­ter the Association already owned fifty-eight buildings, and according to Signor Talamo's plans we should soon be able to open sixteen of these " schools within the house."
This new kind of school was christened by Signora Olga Lodi, a mutual friend of Signor Talamo and myself, under the fortunate title of Casa del Bambini or " The Chil­dren's House." Under this name the first of our schools was opened on the sixth of January, 1907, at 58 Via dei Marsi. It was confided to the care of Candida Kuccitelli and was under my guidance and direction.
From the very first I perceived, in all its immensity, the social and pedagogical importance of such institutions, and while at that time my visions of a triumphant future seemed exaggerated, to-day many are beginning to under­stand that what I saw before was indeed the truth.
On the seventh of April of the same year, 1907, a sec-
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