Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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Inaugural Address Delivered on the Occasion op the Opening of One of the " Children's Houses "
It may be that the life lived by the very poor is a thing which some of you here to-day have never actually looked upon in all its degradation. You may have only felt the misery of deep human poverty through the medium of some great book, or some gifted actor may have made your soul vibrate with its horror.
Let us suppose that in some such moment a voice should cry to you, " Go look upon these homes of misery and black­est poverty. For there have sprung up amid the terror and the suffering, oases of happiness, of cleanliness, of peace. The poor are to have an ideal house which shall be their own. In Quarters where poverty and vice ruled, a work of moral redemption is going on. The soul of the people is being set free from the torpor of vice, from the shadows of ignorance. The little children too have a ' House' of their own. The new generation goes for­ward to meet the new era, the time when misery shall no longer be deplored but destroyed. They go to meet the time when the dark dens of vice and wretchedness shall have become things of the past, and when no trace of them shall be found among the living." What a change of emo­tions we should experience! and how we should hasten
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