Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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56               THE MONTESSORI METHOD
for itself in this quarter and accomplish a permanent good work.
It is to meet this dire necessity that the great and kindly work of the Roman Association of Good Building has been undertaken. The advanced and highly modern way in which this work is being carried on is due to Edoardo Ta-lamo, Director General of the Association. His plans, so original, so comprehensive, yet so practical, are without counterpart in Italy or elsewhere.
This Association was incorporated three years ago in Rome, its plan being to acquire city tenements, remodel them, put them into a productive condition, and administer them as a good father of a family would.
The first property acquired comprised a large portion of the Quarter of San Lorenzo, where to-day the Association possesses fifty-eight houses, occupying a ground space of about 30,000 square metres, and containing, independent of the ground floor, 1,600 small apartments. Thousands of people will in this way receive the beneficent influence of the protective reforms of the Good Building Associa­tion. Following its beneficent programme, the Association set about transforming these old houses, according to the most modern standards, paying as much attention to ques­tions related to hygiene and morals as to those relating to buildings. The constructional changes would make the property of real and lasting value, while the hygienic and moral transformation would, through the improved con­dition of the inmates, make the rent from these apartments a more definite asset.
The Association of Good Building therefore decided upon a programme which would permit of a gradual attain­ment of their ideal. It is necessary to proceed slowly be­cause it is not easy to empty a tenement house at a time
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