Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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PEDAGOGICAL METHODS                  75
a class of fifty) are sub-divided into seven days, and from three to five children go to the bath every day. Cer­tainly, theoretically, a daily bath would be desirable, but in order to manage this a large bath or a number of small ones would be necessary, so that a good many children could be bathed at once. Even a weekly bath entails many difficulties, and sometimes has to be given up. In any case, I have distributed the taking of the weight in the order stated with the intention of thus arranging for and making sure of periodical baths.*
The form here given shows the register which we use in recording the weight of the children. Every page of the register corresponds to a month.
It seems to me that the anthropological measurements,
the taking and recording of which I have just described,
should be the only ones with which the schoolmistress
need occupy herself; and, therefore, the only ones which
should be taken actually within the school. It is my
plan that other measurements should be taken by a
physician, who either is, or is preparing to be, a specialist
in infant anthropology. In the meantime, I take these
special measurements myself.
* Incidentally, I may say, that I have invented a means of bathing children contemporaneously, without having a large bath. In order to manage this, I thought of having a long trough with supports at the bottom, on which small, separate tubs could rest, with rather large holes in the bottom. The little tubs are filled from the large trough, into which the water runs and then goes into all the little tubs together, by the law of the levelling of liquids, going through the holes in the bottom. When the water is settled, it does not pass from tub to tub, and the children will each have their own bath. The emptying of the trough brings with it the simultaneous emptying of the little tubs, which being of light metal, will be easily moved from the bottom of the big tub, in order to clean it. It is not difficult to imagine arranging a cork for the hole at the bottom. These are only projects for the future!
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