Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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78               THE MONTESSORI METHOD
As will be seen, these charts are very simple. I made them so because I wished the doctor and the schoolmistress to be able to use them freely and independently.
By this method the anthropometrical records are ar­ranged in an orderly way, while the simplicity of the mechanism, and the clearness of the charts, guarantee the making of such observations as I have considered funda­mental. Referring to the physician's biographical chart, I advise that once a year the following measurements be taken: Circumference of the head; the two greater diameters of the head; the circumference of the chest; and the cephalic, ponderal, and stature indices. Eurther information concerning the selection of these measure­ments may be found in my treatise, " Antropologia Peda­gogical' The physician is asked to take these measure­ments during the week, or at least within the month, in which the child completes a year of his age, and, if it is possible, on the birthday itself. In this way the task of the physician will also be made easier, because of its regularity. We have, at the most, fifty children in each of our schools, and the birthdays of these scattered over the 365 days of the year make it possible for the physician to take his measurements from time to time, so that the burden of his work is not heavy. It is the duty of the teacher to inform the doctor of the birthdays of the chil­dren.
The taking of these anthropometrical measurements has also an educational side to it, for the pupils, when they leave the " Children's House," know how to answer with clearness and certainty the following questions: —
On what day of the week were you born ?
On what day of the month ?
When does your birthday come ?
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