Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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90               THE MONTESSORI METHOD
the same time a great shame had rushed over him; the shame of eating near to one who had nothing to eat.
" Not knowing how to express the impulse of his heart, nor what to say in asking her to accept the offer of his little basket, nor how to invent an excuse to justify his offering it to her, he remained the victim of this first deep movement of his little soul.
" Fufetta, all confused, ran to him quickly. With great gentleness she drew away the arm in which he had hidden his face.
" ' Do not cry, Eufu/ she said to him softly, almost as if pleading with him. She might have been speaking to her beloved rag doll, so motherly and intent was her little face, and so full of gentle authority, her manner.
" Then the little girl kissed him, and my uncle yielding to the influence which had filled his heart, put his arms around her neck, and, still silent and sobbing, kissed her in return. At last, sighing deeply, he wiped from his face and eyes the damp traces of his emotion, and smiled again.
" A strident voice called out from the other end of the courtyard:
" ' Here, here, you two down there — be quick with you; inside, both of you!'
" It was the teacher, the guardian. She crushed that first gentle stirring in the soul of a rebel with the same blind brutality that she would have used toward two chil­dren engaged in a fight.
" It was the time for all to go back into the school — and everybody had to obey the rule."
Thus I saw my teachers act in the first days of my prac­tice school in the " Children's Houses." They almost in­voluntarily recalled the children to immobility without
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