Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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Exercises of Practical Life
proposed winter schedule of hours in the " children's houses "
Opening at Nine O'clock — Closing at Pour O'clock
9-10. Entrance. Greeting. Inspection as to personal cleanliness. Exercises of practical life; helping one another to take off and put on the aprons. Going over the room to see that everything is dusted and in order. Language: Conversation period: Children give an ac­count of the events of the day before. Religious exercises.
10-11. Intellectual exercises. Objective lessons inter­rupted by short rest periods. Nomenclature, Sense ex­ercises.
11-11:30. Simple gymnastics: Ordinary movements done gracefully, normal position of the body, walking, march­ing in line, salutations, movements for attention, placing of objects gracefully.
11:30-12. Luncheon: Short prayer.
12-1. Free games.
1-2. Directed games, if possible, in the open air. During this period the older children in turn go through with the exercises of practical life, cleaning the room, dust­ing, putting the material in order. General inspection for cleanliness: Conversation.
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