Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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letter. The vowels are arranged on the cards according to analogy of form:
" We then say to the child, for example, ' Find o. Put it in its place.' Then, ' What letter is this %' We here discover that many children make mistakes in the letters if they only look at the letter.
" They could however tell the letter by touching it. Most interesting observations may be made, revealing va­rious individual types: visual, motor.
" We have the child touch the letters drawn upon the cards,— using first the index finger only, then the index with the middle finger,— then with a small wooden stick held as a pen. The letter must be traced in the fashion of writing.
" The consonants are painted in blue, and are arranged upon the cards according to analogy of form. To these cards are annexed a movable alphabet in blue wood, the letters of which are to be placed upon the consonants as they were upon the vowels. In addition to these mate­rials there is another series of cards, where, besides the consonant, are painted one or two figures the names of which begin with that particular letter. Near the script letter, is a smaller printed letter painted in the same col­our.
" The teacher, naming the consonant according to the phonetic method, indicates the letter, and then the card, pronouncing the names of the objects painted there, and emphasizing the first letter, as, for example, ' p-pear: give me the consonant p — put it in its place, touch it/ etc. In all this we study the linguistic defects of the child.
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