Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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Description of the Method and Didactic Material
first period: exercise tending to develop the mus≠cular MECHANISM NECESSARY IN HOLDING AND USING THE INSTRUMENT IN WRITING
Design Preparatory to Writing.ó Didactic Material, Small wooden tables; metal insets, outline drawings, col≠oured pencils. I have among my materials two little wooden tables, the tops of which form an inclined plane sloping toward a narrow cornice, which prevents objects placed upon the table from slipping off. The top of each table is just large enough to hold four of the square frames, into which the metal plane gRometric insets are fitted, and is so painted as to represent three of these brown frames, each containing a square centre of the same dark blue as the centres of the metal insets.
The metal insets are in dimension and form a reproduc≠tion of the series of plane gRometric insets in wood already described.
Exercises. Placed side by side upon the teacher's desk, or upon one of the little tables belonging to the children, these two little tables may have the appearance of being one long table containing eight figures. The child may select one or more figures, taking at the same time the frame of the inset. The analogy between these metal insets and the plane gRometric insets of wood is complete.
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