Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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In the third stage of my method for writing, that is, composition of speech, is included the analysis of the word
which represents the interrelation of the two mechanisms for writing and for articulate speech.
Whereas in the development of spoken language the sound composing the word might be imperfectly perceived, here in the teaching of the graphic sign corresponding
The peripheric channels are indicated by heavy lines; the central channels of association by dotted lines; and those referring to association in relation to the development of the heard speech by light lines.
E ear; 80 auditory centre of sounds; Sy auditory centre of sylla­bles; W auditory centre of word; M motor centre of the articulate speech; T external organs of articulate speech (tongue) ; H external organs of writing (hand) ; MC motor centre of writing; VC visual centre of graphic signs; V organ of vision.
to the sound (which teaching consists in presenting to the child a sandpaper letter, naming it distinctly and making
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