Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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LANGUAGE in CHILDHOOD              321
the child see it and touch it), not only is the perception of the heard sound clearly fixed — separately and clearly — but this perception is associated with two others: the centro-motor perception and the centro-visual perception of the written sign.
The triangle VC, MC, So represents the association of three sensations in relation with the analysis of speech.
When the letter is presented to the child and he is made to touch and see it, while it is being named, the centrip­etal channels ESo; H, MC, So; V, YC, So are acting and when the child is made to name the letter, alone or accompanied by a vowel, the external stimulus acts in Y and passes through the channels Y, YC, So, M, T; and Y, CY, So, Sy, M, T.
When these channels of association have been estab­lished by presenting visual stimuli in the graphic sign, the corresponding movements of articulate language can be provoked and studied one by one in their defects; while, by maintaining the visual stimulus of the graphic sign which provokes articulation and accompanying it by the auditory stimulus of the corresponding sound uttered by the teacher, their articulation can be perfected; this articulation is by innate conditions connected with the heard speech; that is, in the course of the pronunciation provoked by the visual stimulus, and during the repetition of the relative movements of the organs of language, the auditory stimulus which is introduced into the exercise contributes to the perfecting of the pronunciation of the isolated or syllabic sounds composing the spoken word.
When later the child writes under dictation, translating into signs the sounds of speech, he analyses the heard speech into its sounds, translating them into graphic move-
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