Scientific Methods As Applied To Child Education In "the Children's Houses"

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into our schools as a universal method, and as a detail of the great work of the aesthetic perfecting of man.
Some teachers of deaf mutes and intelligent devotees of orthophony are trying nowadays with small practical success to introduce into the elementary schools the cor­rection of the various forms of blcesitas, as a result of statistical studies which have demonstrated the wide diffu­sion of such defects among the pupils. The exercises consist essentially in silence cures which procure calm and repose for the organs of language, and in patient repetition of the separate vowel and consonant sounds; to these exer­cises is added also respiratory gymnastics. This is not the place to describe in detail the methods of these exer­cises which are long and patient and quite out of harmony with the teachings of the school. But in my methods are to be found all exercises for the corrections of language:
(a)    Exercises of Silence, which prepare the nervous channels of language to receive new stimuli perfectly;
(b)    Lessons which consist first of the distinct pro­nunciation by the teacher of few words (especially of nouns which must be associated with a concrete idea) ; by this means clear and perfect auditory stimuli of language are started, stimuli which are repeated by the teacher when the child has conceived the idea of the object repre­sented by the word (recognition of the object) ; finally of the provocation of articulate language on the part of the child who must repeat that word alone aloud, pronouncing its separate sounds;
(c)    Exercises in Graphic Language, which analyse the sounds of speech and cause them to be repeated sepa­rately in several ways: that is, when the child learns the separate letters of the alphabet and when he composes or
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